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Centre for the Mathematics of Symmetry and Computation (CMSC)

The Centre for the Mathematics of Symmetry and Computation studies the mathematics behind discrete objects with a high degree of symmetry, such as networks, geometries and codes. Networks are ubiquitous in modern life and encode the connections between objects. By using symmetry we can construct new interesting examples, enumerate and classify networks with desired properties, […]

Transforming Indigenous Mental Health & Wellbeing

Transforming Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing (TIMHWB) is a ground-breaking research program transforming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health care through Aboriginal leadership and authentic partnerships with Aboriginal organisations. General research support including expertise and support of community-based research will be provided by partner organisations including Ninti One, the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health […]

Young Lives Matter Foundation – UWA

Suicide has challenged the minds and stretched the resources of some of the most eminent researchers, governments, for-purpose organisations and philanthropists for many years. Despite significant investment, suicide rates among young Australians are increasing and it continues to be the leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds in Western Australia. At the YLM Foundation […]

ARC Training Centre for Transforming Maintenance through Data Science

Transforming the maintenance management process, enabling Australian companies to lead the way maintenance is conducted, increasing both productivity and profitability through the automation of the work management stages. The Centre is a partnership that uses data science to transform maintenance and its workforce. The Centre will do this by eliminating manual, repetitive transactional work; developing […]

Data Intensive Astronomy

ICRAR’s Data Intensive Astronomy program’s main focus is the development of the data management and processing technologies required for the SKA. As part of our collaborative projects the team develops software and systems as well as expert systems (machine learning) and also provide support for operational systems, including the in-house ICRAR compute lab. Key Contact: Kevin […]

Accounting in the Digital Age

With rapid technological advancements it is important to develop accounting and finance practices innovations Professor Jac Birt is the current Head of Accounting and Finance in the UWA Business School. She is supervising PhD students in areas such as the digitalisation of accounting roles and adaptive learning resources in accounting. Her current research projects include; […]

Centre for Data-driven Geoscience (CDG)

CDG develops and deploys data science solutions for the modelling of geology and resource. Researchers at CDG spans the boundaries of computer science and geoscience, and links industry and academia. By working closely with the mining industry, CDG develops advanced machine learning, image analysis and interactive visualisation methods, which are deployed to industry practice. The […]

Natural and Technical Language Processing Group

The UWA NLP-TLP Group is a team of researchers conducting state-of-the-art research in natural and technical language processing at The University of Western Australia in Perth, Western Australia. Our work is based in the following areas: entity recognition, lexical normalisation, knowledge graphs, ontologies, annotation, adaptive user interfaces, knowledge representation and reasoning. Key Contact: Associate Professor Wei […]

Centre for Business Data Analytics

The CBDA focuses on the analysis of fast-moving commercial data through new tools and technologies that inform business of changing trends quickly, particularly through the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We provide a dual focus on academic impact and practice relevance in the realms of Business Analytics applications in research and practice. Sitting […]

Australian Centre for Quantitative Imaging (ACQI)

Unleashing the power of imaging analytics to support research, education and innovation The Australian Centre for Quantitative Imaging (ACQI) brings the power of quantitative imaging to researchers and bridges the translational gap to clinical implementation of associated analytics methods. The centre provides a creative hub for designing and experimenting with analytics methods, applying those methods […]