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Planning and Transport Research Centre (PATREC)

Planning and Transport Research Centre (PATREC) Providing transport and land-use insights for smart future planning PATREC’s research and expertise in the connected spaces of transport and land use planning can offer insight into trends, patterns and processes and inform innovative solutions that fit the future. As cities begin integrating sustainable practices into long-term planning, more […]

Quantum Information, Simulation and Algorithms (QUISA)

Quantum computation deals with extremely high volume of data, which are intractable on even the most powerful supercomputers in the foreseeable future. Quantum computation is a rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field, which has attracted researchers from physics, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, and electronic engineering. Instead of brute-force miniaturization of basic electronic components, quantum computation utilizes entirely […]

Transforming energy Infrastructure through Digital Engineering (TIDE)

Developing new science and technology through digital engineering – the creation, use and embedment of data in engineering – to optimise the management of offshore energy infrastructure. Our goal is to make operational activities cheaper and yet more reliable. Agile decision-making, improved safety, efficiency and long-term reliability, and the lowering of environmental risk will be […]