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Quantum Information, Simulation and Algorithms (QUISA)

Quantum computation deals with extremely high volume of data, which are intractable on even the most powerful supercomputers in the foreseeable future.

Quantum computation is a rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field, which has attracted researchers from physics, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, and electronic engineering. Instead of brute-force miniaturization of basic electronic components, quantum computation utilizes entirely new design architecture and promises to solve problems that are intractable on conventional computers. Quantum information offers the prospect of harnessing nature at a much deeper level than ever before, as well as a wealth of new possibilities for communication and data processing. The QUISA (Quantum Information, Simulation and Algorithms) Research Centre, hosted at The University of Western Australia, aims to foster collaboration and entrepreneurship, bringing together academic staff, research students, government and industrial partners to develop innovative quantum solutions to tackle otherwise intractable problems and complex phenomena.

Key Contact: Professor Jingbo Wang

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